How did I manage to go from 215 to 123 lbs?*

Hi everyone! So many people have been noticing that I’ve lost loads of weight, and you’ve started to bombard me with questions. I tried my very best to answer everyone and to do you all justice, but it simply wasn’t possible. If I was going to answer each and every question, I’d have had to live my whole life online. That’s why I decided to write this post and answer the question: “How did you manage to lose 42 kg?” * (That doesn’t mean you can’t write to me or send me questions, it just makes my life easier).

See some before and after pictures here!

The background story

I’ve never been skinny, but I had started to notice that I was gaining more and more weight. My stomach had three rolls when I sat down, I looked like a bulldog in a bikini and my hips, legs and bum were getting bigger by the day! I decided to get fit and achieve a healthy body, regardless of what it took. So, I stopped eating fatty and fried foods and said goodbye to my beloved late night meals. I went jogging every morning and spent the evenings in the gym – but instead of losing weight, I started to gain even more! After a month, my weight had gone up to a horrifying 98 kg. I restricted my eating even more, and avoided meat, bread, chips and sweet things. Finally, I was living only on fruit, vegetables and water when I started noticing some results. I also tried out a few disgusting weight loss teas and pills, but they made no difference. After some time, the little weight I’d lost came creeping back on to my worn-out body.

Neither diet nor pills had helped – it had all been a big waste of time!
Working out was strenuous, and it was taking too long to see results. What was I supposed to do? I was running out of options.

After what seemed like hundreds of diets, pills and hours at the gym, and after the thousands of dollars I’d spent on personal trainers, I finally threw in the towel. One day, I came across an article about Revolyn Ultra and wanted to try it out. When I read that it had helped Demi Moore, Katy Perry, J-Lo and countless other celebs to lose weight, I was sceptical – but after having tried everything else and reached the end of my tether, I had nothing to lose! I’d also read the reviews for Revolyn, which were really impressive!

Countless women across the USA and Europe have rid themselves of unwanted pounds with the help of Revolyn Ultra.*

So, my decision was made! I went on their website, read over everything one more time and ordered my Revolyn Ultra, which came within a couple of days. Based on the reviews I’d read, I started taking Revolyn Ultra, at a dose of two to three capsules per day.


After only a short time, the results were incredible – I’d lost 25 kg!* The bulges were gone, and my complexion was looking much better. My hips and stomach were noticeably smaller, and my mood had improved too. I started to believe I could be beautiful again – without the need for diets or exhausting exercise!* So, I resumed eating my favourite foods! I had hated exercising and being hungry all the time.

After a little more time, I had lost another 17 kg!* I was feeling fitter every day, so I started taking the stairs instead of the lift. Miserable training had suddenly become a simple pleasure! I couldn’t believe that all this had happened simply by following the Revolyn Ultra instructions! If I can do it – anyone can! The time flew by and 42 kg fell off like magic!*

I had achieved my goal. My belly was no more, I was 42 kg lighter*, and I suddenly had the body I’d never dared to dream of!

Incidentally, Revolyn Ultra 2017 was tested by the National Academy of Science. The results made a huge impression but were never published.
I presume this was because they would have sounded the death knell for pharmaceutical companies, gyms, nutrition advisors and trusted clinics.
And no wonder: The price of Revolyn Ultra is ridiculous!

I now recommend Revolyn Ultra to all my friends and colleagues. Note: Always place your order on the official product website, otherwise you’re likely to receive fake products. I’m thrilled with my results, and I’m sure you will be too! Forget your preconceptions: you don’t need diets or lots of exercise to have a beautiful figure!

If anyone else has lost weight with Revolyn Ultra, please share your results here! You can help convince others that it really works! Thank you!

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* Results may vary, and the results mentioned or shown may not be achievable for 100% of Revolyn Ultra users.

  1. Katie

    Hey Nicki, thanks a lot for encouraging me to finally get rid of those extra pounds. I’ve lost 12 kg*, and I’m now down to 62 kg. As you promised, the weight doesn’t fluctuate. All the best, Katie.*

  2. Vanessa

    I’ve been dreaming of a slim figure for a long time and found out about Revolyn Ultra three months ago via this website. I was reluctant to place an order, but my mum finally convinced me to. It’s not a lot of money to spend on making a dream come true! Now we’re losing weight together – although she’s having more success than me :(*

  3. Amanda

    I’d tried so many weight loss formulas, but none of them helped me achieve the results I’d hoped for. I would notice a small change, but no real progress. So, when I saw one of my colleagues lose a lot of weight, I had to know how she did it. I lost 40 kg by using Revolyn Ultra and Pure Cleanse Ultra together. I will be forever grateful.*

  4. Happy Wife

    Hey Nicki! I followed your advice and tried Revolyn Ultra and well... You more or less saved my family and my marriage! Nicki, you are an incredible woman! My husband treats me completely differently now, I have more self-confidence... I feel GREAT! :) *

  5. Sarah

    Hey ladies, I’ll be joining you on the slim side soon! Have just ordered my Revolyn Ultra! Thank you for sharing your results – they’ve motivated me to try this new formula. Hopefully, I’ll finally get rid of this fat. I’ll be back to report my progress. Love and hugs! *

    • Nicki King

      Hi lovelies! I’m so happy for you! The most important thing is being at peace with yourself, but you can’t do that if you’re not at peace with your body. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. And remember: it’s better to have little progress than none at all! Best of luck!*

  6. Kim

    Hi Nicki! I’m very glad that I found your website, and I hope it’ll be a good source of support. I’ve tried different ways of losing weight, but my results have never been as good as I hoped. I’m 1.59 m tall and weigh 87 kg - I’m ashamed to say! I need to lose at least 17 kg, and Revolyn Ultra seems to be my last hope ....*

    • Nicki King

      Hey Kim! I’m just one of many who have managed to lose weight using Revolyn Ultra ! My friend tried it too and we can tell you that IT WORKS. I give you a 100% guarantee that you won’t be disappointed again. We’re all happy with our results, and we wish you the same!

      Ladies, I want to ask you again to take a few minutes to tell us your results. Sharing is caring! It could be your message that finally convinces someone to get slim and happy!*

  7. Manchester Mum

    Got the package yesterday! Today, I’m starting my new life! I can hardly wait to see the first results!*

  8. Steph

    Hi Nicki! Thank you so much! I’ve lost weight very quickly, but more importantly, the pounds are not coming back on. I’m now recommending the supplement to all my girlfriends, because I just can’t watch them starve themselves into misery.*

  9. Linda

    I have a date tomorrow and we’re going to eat in a nice restaurant. Just a few weeks ago, the mere thought of going out and eating something without knowing how many calories it contained was a nightmare. But now I don’t care at all! I know that I can eat what I want without gaining weight. Thanks to this supplement, I’ve lost 17.5 kg! * Thank you, Nicki!*

    • Gabby B.

      Wow, Nicki – it sounds incredible! Maybe I should also get some Revolyn Ultra... I’ve gained another 2 kilos recently and I’m feeling dreadful... *

    • Gabby B.

      Congrats, Maisie! Your results are amazing! I don’t feel so sceptical about the tablets anymore.*

  10. Woman of Mystery

    I’m back to share my results as promised. The system really works. I’ve managed to lose almost 19 kg*. WOW!*

  11. Little Mermaid

    Forget your doubts – this formula really works! A friend also lost weight with these capsules – about 18 kg* if I remember correctly. Impressive, right?*

  12. Susie

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies! They’ve encouraged me to order Revolyn Ultra and work on improving myself! I’ve already lost 5 kg, and I’m only 6 kg away from my target weight.*

  13. Annie Cooke

    My three cousins totally transformed themselves after taking the capsules for a few months. They went from typical overweight girls to stunning, beautiful women!*

  14. Sally Webbe

    So, here’s what it did for me: I lost 29.5 kg without even going to the gym! Everyone is so impressed, lol*

    • Nicki King

      Hi Sally! I’m so happy for you! But as far as I remember, you wanted to lose a bit more. That was a great start! Keep it up! Best of luck! All the best*

  15. Hannah

    Hello, Nicki! I read your post and decided to order Revolyn Ultra . I have a school reunion soon, and I’m going to meet lots of people I’ve not seen in a long time. It would have been a shame to drag around 115 kg and wear size XXL! At 17 I was so slim... Now I weigh 68 kg, and I’ve bought a blouse in size M to wear on the reunion night. There’s still lots of work to do, but I’m very grateful to you for giving me the motivation to start! Many thanks!*

  16. Ursula

    Your results are impressive ... but did I read correctly that I don’t need to follow a diet plan? Just the thought of another low-calorie diet makes me feel sick ... I’m tired of starving!*

    • Nicki King

      Hey Ursula – yes, you understood correctly. Revolyn Ultra does not require a nutritional plan. We all know the problem of pounds piling back on as soon as you stop the diet – which doesn’t happen if you take Revolyn Ultra . So don’t worry – just try it out and see for yourself!*

  17. Sue

    I have to share my experiences! I’ve lost 40 kg!* These pills are a real dream! My partner and I are having a second honeymoon ;-)*

  18. Victoria Green

    Wow... Revolyn Ultra ! I started taking the tablets a few weeks ago and have since lost 13 kilos.* I’m ashamed to say that beforehand I weighed 90 kilos and was too embarrassed to go to the beach when I was on holidays...*

  19. Nicole Kelly

    I need to lose 14 kg as quickly as possible... I stumbled on diese Webseite and have been fascinated by all the comments and results... I’ll definitely give the slimming pills a chance and see what happens.*

  20. Jenny Michaels

    My sister bought me these supplements last year. At first I thought it was total nonsense – how can you lose weight without diet or exercise? – but she persuaded me to give it a try. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I started the capsules in February and had to buy a completely new wardrobe by May! Everything was too big for me! I went from 68 to 52 kilograms!!!!!* That was two years ago now, but my weight hasn’t changed!!! I’m a very happy girl! Trust me, try Revolyn Ultra for a couple of weeks, and you’ll see...*

    • Nicki King

      Wow, Jenny, your results are incredible! Lovely ladies! I want to apologise that I haven’t got round to answering each of you individually, but I’ve been checking my inbox and wanted to say how happy and proud I am for all of you and your results!*

  21. Anna

    It’s been so long since I weighed 91 kg that today I can hardly even believe that was me.... Now I weigh 66 kg – and that doesn’t change, whatever I eat! I’m proud of myself! Here are some before and afters:*

  22. Judie

    Hello to Nicki and to everyone who has shared their experience here! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude and happiness ... I’m 33 years old and have gone through hell over the last few years because of my weight. Even the simplest of training regimes was a challenge for me. My back was gone, and I got weak and exhausted after just a few minutes. I read your comments and decided to try Revolyn Ultra – and the results far exceeded my expectations! Now, I weigh 63 kilos. Back then, it was 105 kg! I feel amazing, I feel 10 years younger! I don’t get out of breath and my back doesn’t hurt anymore!*

  23. Melanie Green

    I drank a Chinese tea for weight loss. That helped me lose 11 pounds, but I’d put them back on within 2 weeks. Can you tell me whether it’s the same with Revolyn Ultra?*

    • Nicki King

      Hi Melanie! Don’t worry, that won’t be the case. Have a look at the pictures of me and of all the women commenting on this page – we’ve lost weight quickly and not put the pounds back on! This supplement really works and helps your body take control of the fat it’s accumulated. Just give the tablets a go for a week – you’ll see the results straightaway!*